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Phil Leotardo later told Vito's wife, Marie, that her husband was probably killed by two homosexual transients Vito had picked up at a bar. While Tony's recovery seemed uncertain, Vito hinted at the idea that he should take over as boss. He explained his absence to his children by claiming that he was an undercover CIA agent hiding out in Afghanistanand warned them not to tell anybody. Vito moved in with Jim shortly thereafter. Tony finally awoke from his coma, which made everyone ecstatic—except Vito who was hoping to step in and take Tony's place.

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Vito was impressed when he found out Jim was a volunteer fireman.

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Tony was tempted by the offer, but realized this would bring him into open war with the Lupertazzis. Vito is vindictive and demands someone render Sal's comeuppance. Although the cover story for Jackie Jr. Email required.

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In the season 3 episode " Another Toothpick ", Vito's brother, Bryan Spatafore, is violently beaten with a golf club by a young hot-head known as Salvatore "Mustang Sally" Intile and put into a coma.

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