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School-based population studies remain an effective tool for monitoring and surveillance of adolescent health indicators and risk. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. In most surveys, nearly one-fourth to one-third of sexual minority youth reported suicide attempts, compared to approximately one-tenth or fewer heterosexual peers. Comparing British Columbia bisexual vs. It is important to recognize that we cannot determine from these data the reason sexual minority youth are at greater risk of suicidal involvement than their heterosexual peers, because the surveys do not ask about why teens attempted suicide. Gender differences in suicide have been documented consistently in populations around the world, regardless of orientation.

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Conclusion Gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth in the United States and Canada are at higher risk for suicidal ideation and attempts than their heterosexual peers, and this health disparity appears to have been increasing over the past decade, especially for bisexual adolescents.

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Reconceptualizing Native women's health: First, in the BC surveys, the items assessing racial or ethnic background changed in each survey, and are not equivalent to the categories most often provided in U. Support Center Support Center. Identifying with and being accepted by a community of peers may reduce stress and increase social support for adolescents as they develop their sexual identities.

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Internalized homophobia:

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