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Read1, 2 Jason J. Proportion of all included individuals tested during the study period Number of individuals who met the criteria at any time during that year c. Number and proportion of individuals tested meeting criteria at any time during the study year i. If no viral specific bands were present the assay was recorded as negative. Additional files Additional file 1: Because patients who are ineligible for Medicare are able to access care free of charge, we would expect newly-arrived Asian-born MSM to be over-represented amongst MSHC patients, making it a useful site for study of this group.

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Number of individuals who met the criteria at any time during the study period.

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We compared the proportion of newly-arrived four years or less in AustraliaAsian-born and other MSM tested each year who were diagnosed with incident HIV infection negative test within one year or diagnosis with indeterminate or negative Western Blot. A recently published study of HIV testing in MSM in inner London reports a declining proportion of positive tests from late to late which they attribute to early diagnosis, early initiation of treatment and uptake of PrEP, that is biomedical rather than behavioural prevention [ 6 ]. Song A, et al. All patients complete a self-administered computer-assisted self-interview CASI on sexual history such as number and gender of sexual partners, condom use and prior HIV testing. This study reports the proportion of MSM tested each year who are diagnosed with incident HIV infection at a public sexual health service in Melbourne, Australia from to and finds that a difference emerged between newly-arrived Asian-born and other MSM.

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Chow1, 2 Timothy H. Newly-arrived Asian-born was entered in the multivariate analysis instead of separately entering newly-arrived and Asian-born. The venue announced that it would be officially closing in October last year, with the building placed on the market. Because of sexual mixing patterns, newly-arrived Asian-born MSM may be more likely to have sexual partners who are their peers, that is with peers with are able to transmit HIV infection to others. Cornelisse VJ, et al.

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