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In order to prevent repetition, we only interviewed men who had not filled out the survey. Sociological Perspectives, 54, 83— R4 What are the reasons given for not kissing other men? Emotional expressionism, intellectual endeavor, physical tactility and exhibiting caring behaviors are all stigmatized due to their association with femininity Plummer Unstandardized regression coefficients represent measures of effect size, indicating that a one-unit increase in the predictor variable is associated with a B -unit increase in the outcome variable. Firstly, by providing quantitative evidence of the emergence of same-sex kissing among undergraduate heterosexual men, it demonstrates the extent to which a once-censured form of tactility is present among men in the U. To explore links between fraternal affiliations and same-sex kissing, we regressed both of the kissing variables cheek and lips individually onto Membership in a Fraternal Organization.

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This kiss can be done for any reason including a bet, a dare, a drinking game, or for sexual pleasure.

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University of California Press. Journal of Adolescent Research, 32 3— These cultures were homophobic but not homohysteric. We have restricted claims of generalizability to men attending colleges in the U.

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These universities were the same institutions as those where the surveys were collected.

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